Computational Nanotechnology Research Group

Library of Relevant Publications

Research Needs for Novel Devices, May 2003 Edition. 2002 Novel Device Task Force, Nanostructure & Integration Sciences

Manipulation and Characterization of Molecular Scale Components. Amlani, I., Zhang, R., Tresek, J., Nagahara, L., Tsui, R.

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Logical Reversibility of Computation. Bennett, C.H.

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The Future of Nanocomputing. Bourianoff, G.

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Nanotubes for Electronics. Collins, P., Avouris, Ph.

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Catastrophic Faults in Reconfiguable Linear Arrays of Processors. De Prisco, R., De Santis, A.

Array-Based Architecture for FET-Based, Nanoscale Electronics. DeHon, A.

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C&EN exclusive Point-Counterpoint : Drexer - Smalley Debate. Drexler, K. E., Smalley, R.

Strategy and Prototype Tool for Doing Fault Modeling in a Nano-technology. Dysart, T., Kogge, P.

The Multiscalar Architecture. Franklin, M.

Bouncing Threads: Merging a new execution model into a nanotechnology memory. Frost, S., Rodrigues, A., Geifer, C., Kogge, P.

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PipeRench: A Coprocessor for Streaming Multimedia Acceleration. Goldstein, S. C., Schmit, H., Moe, M., Budiu, M., Cadambi, S., Taylor, R., Laufer, R.

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Programming Systolic Arrays. Hughey, R.

Expanding Moore's Law: The Exponential Opportunity. Intel Corporation

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Magnetoelectronic memories last and last…. Johnson, M.

Why the Future Doesn't Need Us. Joy, B.

FPGA Emulation of Quantum Circuits . Khalid, A., Zilic, Z., Radecka, K.

Cellular Gate Technology. Knight, T., Sussman, G.

Why Systolic Architectures. Kung, H. T.

Building Blocks of Biochemical CPU based on DNA Transcription Logic. Lauria, M., Bhalerao, K., Pugalanthiran, M., Yuan, B.

Mathematical Theory of Thermodynamics of Computation. Li, M., Vitanyi, P.

Mathematical Theory of Thermodynamics of Computation. Li, M., Vitanyi, P.

Molecular Memories That Survive Silicon Device Processing and Real-World Operation. Liu, Z., Yasseri, A., Lindsey, J., Bocian, D.

Compositional Reasoning Based on WEBRefinement for the Automatic Verification of Pipelined Machines. Manolios, P.

Automatic Verification of Safety and Liveness for XScale-Like Processor Models Using WEB Refinements. Manolios, P., Srinivasan, S.

Computation in Cellular Automata: A Selected Review. Mitchell, M.

Design of Algorithmic Array Processors and its Applications. Peng, S.

Analogic CNN Computing : Architectural, Implementation, and Algorithmic Advances - a Review. Roska, T.

A Sticker Based Model for DNA Computation. Roweis, S., Winfree, E., Burgoyne, B.,Chelyapov, N., Goodman, M., Rothemund, P., Adleman, L.

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Nanoelectronic Scaling Tradeoffs: What does Physics have to say?. Zhirnov, V.

The CMOS/nano Interface from a Circuits Perspective. Ziegler, M., Stan, M.
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