Computational Nanotechnology Research Group

Papers by Ralph Merkle

Ralph Merkle: Computational Nanotechnology

Ralph Merkle and K. Eric Drexler: Helical Logic

Ralph Merkle: Reversible electronic logic using switches

Ralph Merkle: Two Types of Mechanical Reversible Logic

Jingping Peng, Robert A. Freitas Jr., Ralph Merkle. In press. Theoretical Analysis of Diamond Mechanosynthesis, Part I. Stability of C2 Mediated Growth of Nanocrystalline diamond C(110) Surface, J. Comp. Theor. Nanosci. 1(March 2004)

David J. Mann, Jingping Peng, Robert A. Freitas Jur., Ralph Merkle. In press. Thoeretical Analysis of Diamond Mechanosynthesis. Part II. C2 Mediated Growth of Diamond C(110) Surface via Si/Ge-Triadamantane Dimer Placement Tools, J. Comp. Theor. Nanosci. 1(March 2004)

Ralph Merkle and Robert A. Freitas Jr.: Speeding the development of molecular nanotechnology

George D. Skidmore, Eric Parker, Matthew Ellis, Neil Sarkar and Ralph Merkle: Theoretical analysis of a carbon-carbon dimer placement tool for diamond mechanosynthesis

George D. Skidmore, Eric Parker, Matthew Ellis, Neil Sarkar and Ralph Merkle Exponential assembly

IEEE: Nanotechnology: what will it mean?,IEEE Computer magazine, January 2000, Vol 33 No 1, page 51

Nanotechnology 11 (2000) 89-99: Molecular building blocks and development strategies for molecular nanotechnology

Congressional testimony before the House Science Committee, Subcommittee on Basic Research, Nanotechnology hearings, June 22 1999

Biotechnology as a route to nanotechnology

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Whither nanotechnology? (1998) published in R&D status and trends in nanoparticles, nanostructured materials, and nanodevices in the United States, Richard W. Siegel, Evelyn Hu, and M.C. Roco, pages 156-160.
This is the proceedings of a May 1997 workshop cosponsored by ONR, AFOSR, NIST, NASA, NIH and DOE, and run by WTEC (World Technology Evaluation Center).

A proposed "metabolism" for a hydrocarbon assembler, Nanotechnology 8 (1997) pages 149-162.

Theoretical studies of reactions on diamond surfaces, by S.P. Walch and R.C. Merkle, Nanotechnology 9 (1998) pages 285-296.

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Chemical storage of data, by Charles W. Bauschlicher Jr, Alessandra Ricca and Ralph C. Merkle, Nanotechnology 8 (1997) pages 1-5.

Helical logic, with K. Eric Drexler, Nanotechnology 7 (1996) pages 325-339.

Design considerations for an assembler, Nanotechnology 7 (1996) pages 210-215.

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Molecular manufacturing: adding positional control to chemical synthesis,

Two types of mechanical reversible logic, Nanotechnology 4 (1993) pages 114-131.

Reversible electronic logic using switches(106KB html text only), or PDF with illustrations) Nanotechnology 4 (1993) pages 21-40.

A Proof about Molecular Bearings, Nanotechnology 4 (1993) pages 86-90.
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Computational nanotechnology, Nanotechnology, 2 (1991) pages 134-141.